My Services

Web development

Let me specify my main skills: Developing web applications in TYPO3, mainly responsible for frontend development and programming. By that, I am not only creating and maintaining websites but also intranet systems.

I am fluent in developing web applications with the TYPO3 framework Extbase and the Fluid templating engine, as well as using legacy libraries around TYPO3 piBase.

What's that - intranet?

Commonly an intranet describes an information system for a closed community, for example employees of a company. Often intranet systems can be accessed and used in a browser - thus I use modern web technologies and TYPO3 as the framework for most of my intranet solutions.

My services in short words:

  • Web design and conceptual design
  • Frontend- and extension development (TYPO3, WordPress)
  • Intranet systems
  • OOP PHP development
  • Server administration (Apache 2)